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Autumn Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Ahhh, Autumn! The season for crisp air, uncrowded trails, colourful foliage, and snowy mountain peaks! But fall is also a time of potential dangers for our pets. From household poisons to cold weather hazards and even to seasonal celebrations, there are several safety issues to keep in mind. Keep your furry friends happy and healthy during this beautiful time of the year with these autumn safety tips: Be cautious of rodenticides  As the cooler temperatures approach, rodents start to seek shelter indoors and the use of poisons becomes more common. Rodent poisons, also called Rodenticides, are highly toxic to pets and, if ingested, the results could be fatal. If these are used around the household, be extremely careful and make them...

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12 Safety Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy This Spring

Ah Spring! That fresh scent of nature slowy waking from beneath the snow. With temperatures rising and the ground thawing, we spend more time outside to enjoy those warmer and longer days. As we do so in the loyal company of our furry friends, we need to be aware of some seasonal safety precautions for our pets. Here are 12 safety tips to help keep your pet happy and healthy this spring. Beware of Easter treats and decorations Easter lilies (toxic), chocolate (toxic), xylitol (toxic) and decorations (can injure the digestive tract) can all be a threat to your pet. Also, be careful about sharing your Brunch treats with pets. Fatty foods can cause problems ranging from upset stomach to more...

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